Cafe Pomarrosa

“ One of my most vivid memories is planting my first coffee tree in our hacienda. I was about 10 years old.”- Sebastian Legner

There is a rich inherited tradition of local coffee growers that few know about and even less can actually say are active members of it’s intricate history. Such is the case of the Legner Family and their premium coffee brand Café Pomarrosa.

Safely nestled in the Barrio Anón, Sector Hogares Seguros, Camino Berganzo, Ponce. These 8 acres of farmland are producing one of the highest end coffee brands that Puerto Rico’s rich history of hacenderos has to offer.


“ The difficulty of producing coffee at this quality is heavy. It’s a 4 year process from initial planting to its first harvest. We are now 2 generations into the coffee with my son and husband”- Evalecia Legner mother, wife and co-owner.

Café Pomarosa is not the corporate mass produced coffee that has removed all aroma, sensation and kept the blandness. . This premium-grown coffee honors tradition and remains true to qualitative measures of sustainable growth that allowed this business to become what it is today.

“ We do more than just coffee. We offer history tours on the farm so that people can get better sense of the quality and tradition of our coffee. We serve them espresso on the way in and right before they leave. Some people drink 4 cups in less than 2 hours”- says Sebastian Legner son and part owner.

Sebastian Legner studied business management at the Metropolitan University and like his father before him has dedicated an enormous energy into the preservation and tradition of quality coffee manufacturing. From the rigorous roasting process to the manual selection and removal of beans that just aren’t up to par to the standard expected from this high quality brand.

“ We are hacenderos. A long line of true coffee farmers that live and breathe the coffee industry.”- Evalecia Legner

During the catastrophic hurricane George of 1998 the strong standing Golden Apple (“pomarrosa”, in Spanish) trees that surrounded the farm saved this plantation. These trees took the full force of the Hurricane and saved the initial plantations that prospered and thrived. This story is what provided the inspiration for the brand’s name.

Brands of Puerto Rico is honored to be able to carry the premium Coffee Brand whose quality and tradition are only matched by its’ incredible brand history. Café Pomarrosa will be available in the Gourmet section of our new E-commerce site.


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